Goggle didn’t and will never pay me for saying this: Their email service, which is Gmail, remains the best choice around the Web. And to say this isn’t based on presumptions.

How to Create A New Gmail.com Account ??

Why Gmail is the Best

For someone who has found a career online, email account is an indispensable tool to my success. Just imagine that telephone a customer service representative can’t do without; it’s an integral part of his job. Take it away from him and he has nothing productive to do for the company he’s working with. There are a number of services available, so it should not surprise you if I confess I had jumped from one to another service. I stopped jumping around days after I set up my Gmail account. Why?
There are three criteria I based my conclusion from: stability, speed, reliability, and (most of all), spam control.
Unlike Yahoo Mail or AOL Mail, ads are not in abundance. Sure, there are a few ads in Gmail, but they are not intrusive. What I mean is that you’ll never even notice them until you take a third look. Plus, the features of Gmail are so reliable and awesome! Conversations are not chopped into single strand, which enables you to read an entire conversation without closing and opening different emails.
For newly signed-up users, spams may not be a great concern. Yet. But as you go on and your email address entered the wild, that’s when those annoying spams flood your Inbox. More nonsensical and annoying emails pile up in your Inbox, that’s not a good thing at all! But with Gmail email Login, you won’t have to think of the tall pile anymore.
Now that you know what you can get from this email service, it’s time to learn how to sign up for an account.

The Sign Up Process

Step 1: Open the Gmail homepage by typing in www.gmail.com in your browser web address bar.
Then you will be led to the following page:

Click on “Create an Account” button found at the upper right corner of the page.
Step 2: Create an account.
After clicking on the button, you will see this page:

Just fill in the needed information. Don’t forget to check the box that says you “agree to the Google Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.”
Click “Next Step”.
Step 3: Add a profile photo
After doing the previous step, you will see this page:

Click on “ADD PROFILE PHOTO” button. The “Select Photo” dialog box will pop out.

If you’re not satisfied with the picture you uploaded, you can click on “Edit Profile Photo”. Otherwise, you can proceed to the next step.
Step 4: Continuing to Gmail
Here’s the screenshot of this step:

After you clicked on the “Continue to Gmail” button, you’ll have a tour on the basics of Gmail. Once the tour is done, you will be directed to your Inbox. There would be four (4) messages. These emails will further teach you how to navigate your account, what the features in store for you, how you can change your theme, and a lot more.