Gmail users know that some mail is annoying. İt may be advertising mail, e-mail may be from people we don’t want. We know you don’t want to see them sometimes, but we also know how to know trail will block. Follow these steps:

How to Prevent Unwanted Mail in Gmail?

1.step:firstly to  gmail email login for get rid of this mail .

2.step: Then, you come across at the top right of the page, click the Settings tab.

3.step: Then again, click on Settings, choose “Filters” tab.

4.step:Click on the Filters page “create a new filter” button.

5.step: On this page “Sender” section you don’t want to receive e-mail to the email address of the person you’re writing.

6.step: Then click “Create filter with this search” button and dealing with incoming mail from that person choose what you want to do, then click “Create Filter” button.

If you like “delete” text by selecting it can automatically delete mail from the person and thus effortlessly get rid of unwanted mail.